House of Books and Games Game List

(last update 3/17/2018)

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Name Name Name
1 vs. 100 DVD Board Game Falling Card Game Goblin Edition Secret Santa
Act Too
Anansi The Fittest Snakes And Ladders (Pressman)
Angry Sheep Flip The Bird Squirrel or Die
Backgammon (Pressman) Giant Pickup Sticks Swoggle Word Game
Backyard Builders Treehouse I Can't Even With These Monsters T.P.O.C. The Politics Of Cannibals
Balloon Pop! I Spy Travel Tin Tic Tac Toe (Pressman)
Bargain Hunter Knit Wit Trap! Nimble Ninjas
Beep! Beep! Little Devils Trap! Zany Zombies
Bugs Looterz Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game
Chess (Pressman) Lucha Jefe Tripoley
Chinese Checkers (Pressman)
Cranium Booster Box 1 Monopoly Card Game Trigger!
Crazy Creatures Of Dr Gloom Monster My Neighbor Unpub: The Published Card Game
Double Play: Gorillas & Rats Nantucket Vampire Empire
Double Six Dominoes Pahrcheesi (Pressman) Willy Maykit
Empire Engine Retirement Bingo The Zombie Shamble
Enuk Romans Go Home

Hard to find/collectible used games!



4th Dimension (TSR)


Black Box


Body Language (with Lucille Ball)






Ploy (3M Bookshelf Game)


Recoil starter set with two handgun expansion sets


RISK Lord of the Rings


RSVP Crossword Game


Scotland Yard


Snits Revenge (TSR)


The Inventors (Parker Brothers)


UFO (Avalon Hill)



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Antietam 1862Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest The Mad Mage's AcademyOgre 6th Edition
Apollo XIIIThe Fantasy Trip: Death TestOgre 6th Edition Battle Box
Atari CentipedeThe Fantasy Trip: Legacy EditionOgre 6th Edition Battlefields
Atari Missile CommandThe Fantasy Trip: MeleeOgre 6th Edition Reinforcements w/counters
Awful Green Things From Outer SpaceThe Fantasy Trip: WizardOgre Battlesuit Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)
Awful Green Things From Outer Space Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)FickleOgre Objective 218
AzulForbidden IslandOgre Playmat M1
Big City 20th Anniversary w/Urban Upgrade
Bill And Ted's Excellent GameForbidden SkyOgre Playmat M2
Car Wars 4th Edition (2015)
Car Wars AADA Vehicle GuideFormula DOgre Playmat M3
Car Wars Expansion 1 Pocket BoxG.E.V. Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)Ogre Playmat M4
Car Wars Expansion 2 Pocket BoxGame Of Thrones Chess SetOgre Playmat M5
Car Wars Expansion 3 Pocket BoxGearworld: The BorderlandsOgre Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)
Car Wars Expansion 4 Pocket BoxGuardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 2 Card GameOgre Pocket Box Bundle #1170
Car Wars Expansion 5 Pocket BoxGURPS Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying GameOgre Reinforcements Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)
Car Wars Expansion 6 Pocket BoxHappy SalmonOgre Shockwave Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)
Car Wars Expansion 7 Off-Road DuellingHarry Potter Spellcasters GameOne Page Bulge Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)
Car Wars Expansion 8 Chopper ChallengeHarry Potter Triwizard Maze GameOphiuchus: The 13th Constellation
Car Wars Expansion: Arena BookHey That's My FishParfum
The Hobbit: The Defeat of Smaug
Car Wars Expansion: Boat Wars Pocket BoxHold Your Breath! w/expansionPirate Loot w/expansion
Car Wars Expansion: ConvoyIlluminari Expansion 1 Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)Planes
Car Wars Expansion: Crash City Pocket BoxIlluminati 2nd EditionPlanes Round Trip Expansion
Car Wars Expansion: Truck Stop Pocket BoxIlluminati Expansion 2 Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)Play Me!
Car Wars Pocket BoxIlluminati Expansion 3 Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)Port Royal
Car Wars Pocket Box Bundle 1 #1165Illuminati Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)Qwirkle
Car Wars Pocket Box Bundle 2 #1166Illuminati Pocket Box Bundle #1169Raid on Iran Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)
Car Wars Pocket Box Bundle 3 #1167Invisible Sun Black Cube RPGRamen Fury
Car Wars Pocket Box Bundle 4 #1168JaipurRick and Morty Jenga
Car Wars Uncle Al's 2035 CatalogKung Fu 2100 Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)Rick and Morty Munchkin
The Little Prince: Rising to the StarsRick and Morty RISK
Car Wars Uncle Al's 2036 CatalogMars AttacksRick and Morty Yahtzee
Car Wars Uncle Al's 2038 CatalogMicrogame #12 Invasion of the Air-EatersRISK Game of Thrones
Car Wars Uncle Al's 2039 CatalogMuertoonsRoad Rally USA
Car Wars: The Best of ADQ V1MunchkinRogue Agent Limited Edition
Carcassonne Expansion #2 Traders & BuildersMunchkin ApocalypseSagrada
Carcassonne Expansion #4 The TowerMunchkin Apocalypse 2 ExpansionScrabble Harry Potter
Carcassonne Expansion #5 Abbey And MayorMunchkin BootySPANC
Carcassonne Expansion #6 Count, King & RobberMunchkin Booty 2 ExpansionStarfinder Beginner Box
Carcassonne Expansion #10 Under the Big TopMunchkin Christmas LiteSushi Go!
Carcassonne w/The River & The AbbotMunchkin ConanTalisman Legendary Tales
Castellan Blue RedMunchkin CthulhuTalisman: Batman Super-Villains Edition
Castellan Green YellowMunchkin Deluxe Harry PotterTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Showdown
CatanMunchkin FuTelestrations
Catan 5-6 Player ExpansionMunchkin Hipsters packThat's a Question!
Catan Cities & KnightsMunchkin Kittens pack
Catan Cities & Knights 5-6 Player ExpansionMunchkin LiteThey Come Unseen
Catan Explorers & PiratesMunchkin MarvelThey Who Were 8
Catan Explorers & Pirates 5-6 Player ExpansionMunchkin Mat of MayhemTicket to Ride
Catan Histories: Merchants of EuropeMunchkin Nightmare Before ChristmasTicket to Ride First Journey
Catan JuniorMunchkin OzTicket to Ride New York
Catan New England Expansion MapMunchkin PanicTile Chess
Catan SeafarersMunchkin Rick and MortyTimeline Events
Catan Seafarers 5-6 Player ExpansionMunchkin Shakespeare DeluxeTimeline Inventions
Catan Traders & BarbariansMunchkin Shakespeare Drama DiceTom Clancy's Politika Game
Catan Traders & Barbarians 5-6 Player ExpansionMunchkin Shakespeare Flowerspeare PawnsTower of London
Choose Your Own Adventure: House of DangerMunchkin Shakespeare Spykespeare PawnsTrivial Pursuit Rick and Morty
Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power MasterMunchkin Star MunchkinTsuro
Classic Pocket Game Bundle #1171Munchkin SteampunkTwo by Two
Clue Dungeons & Dragons
Clue Harry PotterMunchkin Steampunk Girl Genius ExpansionUndead Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)
Conspiracy TheoryMunchkin The Good, The Bad, and the MunchkinUNLOCK! Squeek & Sausage (escape game)
Crypt of the Shadow Lord (Solo Module for D&D5e/D&D3.5e/Pathfinder)Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 DeluxeUNLOCK! The Formula (escape game)
Cthulhu In The HouseMy First CarcassonneUNLOCK! The House on the Hill (escape game)
NanukUNLOCK! The Island of Doctor Goorse (escape game)
Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza GameNecromancer Pocket Box (Steve Jackson Games)Zombie Dice
Disney CodenamesNMBR 9Zombie Dice Expansion: Double Feature
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Starter Set
Dungeons & Dragons ClueNumenera Starter SetZombie Dice Expansion: School Bus